Physician’s Payment Group is a financial technology company that works exclusively with physicians. We leverage our network of medical practices to negotiate the best possible rates and prices for the products that we offer to our clients.
Our suite of services will help you to:
  • -Lower Operating Costs
  • –Monitor Outstanding Invoices
  • -Reduce Days in A/R
  • –Become PCI/DSS Compliant
  • -Operate your Practice with more Efficiency
  • –Offer Flexible Payment Options for Patients
At Physician’s Payment Group, we provide solutions for practices of all sizes. From Solo Practitioners, to ACO’s and Hospital Groups we handle it all!

Mobile/Handheld Payments

Countertop Payments

Online and Patient Portal Payments

Patient Financing Solutions

Physician’s Payment Group has partnered with GreenSky Medical to provide your practice with the largest number of patient financing options at the lowest costs.

We approve 85% of applications, and can finance up to $25,000. The best part is you receive payment from the patient immediately! No more waiting for checks in the mail!


Electronic Invoicing

Physician’s Payment Group is the industry leader in electronic invoicing. Our custom solutions let you deliver customized digital invoices through e-mail to your patients. They pay you directly through the e-mail via our secure and encrypted payment gateway. Best of all, we keep track of all invoices sent and received, and let you know when an invoice becomes past due! Our software also automatically integrates with Quickbooks and Xero accounting software.


Capital Advances, Business Loans, and Lines of Credit

Our practices have access to the largest network of lenders and credit providers available in the country. We make credit decisions based off of the strength of your practice, not your personal credit score. Leverage your A/R and Business History to receive up to $1,000,000 in less than a weeks time!
  • Expansion
  • Renovation
  • Inventory
  • Equipment
  • Payroll
  • Marketing
One of the most respected names in Medical Financing


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